Soft Target WatchDogs

Everytime I hear someone say we can't protect American soft targets I want to puke. We seem to have become a nation of can't do this and can't do that. On 9/12 my friends got their guns out and went down to the locks, train stations, grain elevators, and other important places with their binoculars and were prepared to kill anything that looked suspicious. The people who took down flight 92 didn't sit back and wait for someone else to do something about it. It's in their honor that I dedicate this effort.

Let's be more specific about our vulnerabilities. There are 133,000 k-12 schools, 4,500 colleges, 140 refineries, 54,000 municipal water supplies, 200,000 miles of high voltage delivery wires, 185,000 miles of liquid petroleum pipelines, 320,000 miles of natural gas pipelines, 168,000 gas stations, 7,300 electric power plants, 140,000 miles of railroad tracks, 76,000 railroad bridges, 800 railroad tunnels, 47,000 shopping centers, 37,500 supermarkets, 200 flour mills, 51,000 gun retailers, cell phone towers, electric transformers, grain elevators, drug companies, hospitals, civic buildings, and libraries. That's some list. And we're going to add to it.

But remember there are more than 300 million of us. 5 million NRA members. Millions of Americans with recent military experience. At least another 100 million Americans armed and dangerous. Many of us unemployed or retired.

Let's be blunt. Being a watchdog is your unpaid civic duty. The right of the people to keep and bear arms is not a right, it's an obligation. A responsibility. If you think the founding fathers thought guns were for sport, you better go back and study history. Guns were and are to be used in the defense of our country. To kill our enemies. To stop America's enemies from running unchecked across the country.

But you don't need a gun to help get the job done. In fact in many places you can't carry your gun. And even if you can't prevent a terrorist attack, you might help catch and prevent them from doing it again. You don't have to be a hero. Just look out your window and keep an eye on power lines, water towers, grain elevators, railroad tracks, schools, airplane flight paths, apartment and office buildings, highways, bridges, tunnels, transformers, generators, and other targets around you.

All you need is a cell phone and one good eye. Remember that a watchdog's main job is to bark. To tell police the number/description of people, color/type/license of vehicle, and direction they are going. To let people know what you're doing, print out and display this sign on your front door and car door window. Please tell others to do the same.

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