Become An American Prepper

Everyone is terrified of the future. No one thinks things will get better. Everybody thinks things will get worse. Politicians don't talk about it because they don't have a clue how to solve the problems we face. Well, pardon me. I'm Joe Martyniuk (mart-nick) and I'm crazy enough to think I can prevent America's destruction. Even keep the 300 million people alive the government thinks will die. With the right plan.

Let's look at one of the worst futures. Our electric grid is destroyed by an electromagnet pulse EMP, solar flares, physical sabotage, or computer hacking. Everybody knows we're sitting ducks waiting for it to happen. No electricity, gasoline, natural gas, water, food, tv, medicine, radio, computers, or phones. Maybe forever.

I used to be a prepper. Someone who prepares for a disaster. I've got supplies and would have shot anyone who tried to steal them. But I was wrong. I don't want to be a survivor in that world. Because there's a better way. For everyone to become American Preppers. Where every American helps every other American prepare for disaster. An America where we know every American has enough food and drinking water to last a year. Like neighbors building a barn together, a volunteer fire department, a community library. Enough food and water stockpiled so that every American has enough to survive.

If there are 5 million American Prepper households out of 150 million households, then each of us needs to take care of just 30 households. The thirty houses that surround us. The people who live on our floor, above and below us in a highrise. One American Prepper in a neighborhood who knows the plan can make all the difference.

First, we need to make sure that every house/apartment has 15 gallons of drinking water for each person living in the house/apartment. Enough drinking water to last a month. So everyone can stay home for the first month during a disaster. Remember your hot water heater holds 40-80 gallons of water, so don't pour it down the toilet or bath tub in an emergency. Tell people about that stored water. If you live in a high rise there are hot, cold, and fire sprinkler water tanks on the roof that hold enough water to keep everyone hydrated for 30 to 60 days. Make sure your landlord or condo association knows enough to turn off faucets on those water tanks right away to preserve drinking water. Don't forget office building and hotel tanks.

Then increase the amount of water being stored in your community. Americans need 1/2 gallon of drinking water every day, 50 billion gallons/year. We drink 50 billion gallons of bottled milk, water, and soda every year and throw those empty containers away. So collect and clean those empty containers with a drop of dish soap, rinse thoroughly, let dry, fill with water, and store in dark places. Clean and refill every six months. Give them away. Like collecting and donating paper and old clothes.

Have your town, neighbors, churches, scouts, and other organizations collect empties, fill, and give to their neighbors. Or store in homes, churches, schools, and other places in your community. Maybe call it toilet water even though its fit to drink. Especially during an emergency. Have your town drill hand-pump water wells. Put notices in their newsletters, on bills, signs, and emails. So that everyone knows there is enough water for everyone and where to find it.

Talk the plan up. Promote it. Get comedians joking about it. Call Joe all the names you want but get everyone participating. Be willing to store water in your basement or garage for others. Ask your family, friends, neighbors, and everyone you meet everytime you meet them if they have enough food and water stored for an emergency for themselves and their neighbors. Carry it down into the crawl space or up to the attic for them. Ask your local water, milk, juice, and soda bottlers to display this sign on each container they sell.

Then you need to buy the minimum amounts of food for your home, and homes of other family members, friends, and neighbors at your own expense. 2-18 oz boxes of oatmeal and 2-32 oz boxes of dry macaroni per person. Enough food to last a month. So everyone can stay home for the first month during a disaster. Remember that your money won't do any good after a major disaster. Spending several hundred dollars on your neighbors is cheaper than trying to stockpile one year's supply for yourself. Each person you give food and water today is one less person who will be pounding on your door during the first days of an emergency.

Tell people they need to start buying extra dry macaroni, rice, potatoes, beans, and oatmeal in the 2 pound boxes that will last forever. These can be eaten mixed with the water they've saved. $2 gets them 20 meals. They can eat 4 small meals a day for six months for $72 per person. They don't have to buy it all at once. They can rotate the new food in while eating the old. That way they won't starve to death or need to stand in line to survive for six months. Buy or make them a solar pizza box oven to use on sunny days. Ask rich locals to fund public stockpiles. Everybody knows where the rich live and will go there first to get what they need. The best preparation is to make sure every American is prepared and has enough.

Eventually buy enough cans of fruit, vegetables, and meat for yourself, children, and neighbors to last for several months. On sale of course. 70 percent of households have outdoor gas grills. So you can eat hot meals. Don't cook for just one family when you cook. Cook for the entire neighborhood. Buy an extra propane tank to trade for refills at the police station. Those extra tanks will be used for heat and to fire up grills in emergency shelters. You should know where police, fire stations, schools, and other public buildings are located. The best preparation is to make sure every American is prepared and has enough.

Everyone should also have a 10,000 BTU/hour propane heater to heat one room to live in, extra propane tanks, two-way radios, and outdoor gas grill if you don't have one. Get a solar battery charger, and/or rechargeable batteries, own a handgun, and a propane or 12V refrigerator.

Buy a $100 automobile transformer to turn 12 volts into the 120 volts needed to power household appliances. One car transformer can keep a freezer filled with neighborhood food cold. Buy a hand gasoline pump. Store all the electronic devices, including an old laptop computer, portable dvd player to prevent boredom, and CB radio without the antenna in plastic bags, inside $1 aluminum foil lasagna pans with the lid on tight. The best preparation is to make sure every American is prepared and has enough.

When lights go out, the phones go out, and many cars won't run, martial law will immediately go into affect. The police will close and protect the grocery stores, doctors, vets, and pharmacies until their drugs and products can be moved to the police station. Go home and stay home until you hear otherwise.

Eventually you need to push vehicles off the road so delivery trucks and emergency vehicles can get to your neighborhood. Don't drive. Gasoline will not be sold to ordinary citizens. Check on neighbors, the sick and elderly, people stuck in the elevators. Police and firemen won't come. So learn how to help.

America has plenty of food. Enough to feed everyone for years. We just need to deliver it. Beef, pigs, chickens will be delivered to feed and butcher locally. Fruits and vegetables, corn, soybeans, potatoes, carots, apples, and wheat stockpiles are huge. All food becomes public property, protected by local national guards at farms and along delivery routes to communities for distribution. We need to establish delivery cycles. We won't be exporting food or producing junk food for quite a while.

Farmers and truck drivers should harden their equipment at their own expense. Why? So that they and their families can be the best fed, protected, medicated, and gasolined up people in America. Speaking about gasoline. There are 168,000 gas stations with tanks holding over 3 billion gallons of gasoline and 300 million cars going nowhere holding another 3 billion gallons. Properly managed and kept below 70 degrees, we should have enough gasoline to power all essential vehicles and generators for over a year. And instead of drying corn with propane on the farm, the gas will go to run generators, outdoor grills, and heat people's homes. The corn will be distributed for people to air dry locally.

Many banks, businesses, and office buildings have backup generators. We will move working generators to pump drinking water, run elevators so people can live in their apartments, and extract, deliver for processing, process, pump or deliver by truck, natural gas and gasoline to your house or business. Water could flow from your tap again. 60% of homes use gas water heaters and 40% use gas ranges, so life can start to get better.

Medicine depends on power to run plants, raw chemicals, containers, and a delivery system. I hope that drug company executives feel the need to figure out a way to continue production in an emergency, before an emergency, because they have family, friends, employees, and neighbors to keep healthy. These people will be the second best fed, medicated, protected, and gasolined up people in America.

If drug manufacturers keep lists that can be accessed after a disaster, old delivery amounts can be sent through the supply chain, on the roads guarded by the national guards, to the police stations where the pharmacist can compare your old prescription container with that list, and give you medicine. If the company you work for isn't willing to set up the facilities to keep producing drugs during an emergency, contact me so that we can put the squeeze on them.

Getting the electrical grid up will be hard work. Maybe impossible. Everyone should unplug and harden their generators today. I hope that electric company executives feel the need to figure out a way to continue generating electricity in an emergency, before an emergency, because they have family, friends, employees, and neighbors to keep alive. These people will be the third best fed, medicated, protected, and gasolined up people in America. Public and private transportation could start up. Businesses can reopen. Life will become more secure. If we just get 30% of American households to bottle/store water, stockpile pasta and oatmeal, people will know they don't have to steal to eat or can't steal to get rich.

Highrise residents should make sure their building managers turn off the spiggets on the hot, cold, and sprinkler water tanks as soon as possible during an emergency. The elevator motors, water and sewer pumps, and generators should be hardened. Backup parts and bypass boards for minimal operations should be purchased as well as surge protectors. If all of this is done properly people can continue to live in the highrise during an emergency.

The best plan is not to need the plan. Force utilities and the government to defend the electric grid and prepare for an attack. And make it clear that if our electric grid is destroyed, N. Korea, China, Iran, and Russia get nuked. Mutually assured destruction. So China can't say they had nothing to do with it and march in to claim our crop lands. Until then we need to minimizing the damages. One day you may see a terrorist attack. Be mentally prepared to dial 911, tell police how many, the color/type vehicle they are driving, and any other information.

You can't prevent a terrorist attack. But you might help catch and prevent them from doing it again. You don't have to be a hero. Just look out your window and keep an eye on power lines, water towers, grain elevators, railroad tracks, schools, airplane flight paths, apartment and office buildings, highways, bridges, tunnels, transformers, generators, and other targets around you. Become a SoftTarget WatchDog here.

We need to prepare today so our enemies can't ruin our lives tomorrow. The best preparation is to make sure every American is prepared and has enough food and water. That's why we should all become American Preppers. Spread the word. Print out and cut out this sticker. Put one on your front door and another on your car window. Don't tell me you're afraid of the future. Don't tell me you are embarrassed to talk about storing toilet water. Get up off your ass and start doing something about it. There are over 300 million of us. More than enough to get the job done in time. Remember that each person you give food and water today is one less person who will be pounding on your door during the first days of an emergency.

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