American Survival Plan
When The Electricity Goes Off For Good

By Joe Martyniuk (mart-nick)
Independent Candidate For President in 2020

One day our electric grid will be destroyed by an electromagnet pulse EMP, computer hacking, sabotage, or solar flare. No more electricity, gasoline, natural gas, water, food, tv, medicine, radio, computers, phones. Ever. 300 million American's will die the first year. China will farm our croplands. And there wasn't anything we could do about it. Until today. To survive, we will need enough food, water, and medicine for everyone to last a year while we fix things. Everybody survives or America doesn't survive. So here is what we need to do:

Keep crank-radio, solar yard lights, extra batteries, solar battery chargers, car power inverter to run your furnace and refrigerator in $1 aluminum pasta pans with lids. Store cans of fruit, soup, pasta, veggies, and gallons of water. Buy $10 bags/bushels of corn. 8 bushels of corn, costing just $80 will feed you for a year.

When disaster hits, stay home. Walk to your local school/church to register to eat. Donate extra propane gas grills and tanks. Schools house and feed 50 million kids per day with professional kitchen facilities. 25 million kids get a bus ride. Classrooms with sideline gas heaters and working buses can house the sick and elderly.

America has enough food to feed everyone for years. We need to deliver it. Beef, pigs, chickens will be fed and butchered locally. Fruits, vegetables, soybeans, potatoes, carots, apples, wheat stockpiles are huge. National guards protect farms, delivery routes to 400,000 schools/churches to feed people. I have people working on truck positioning and delivery routes. We will use refrigerated trucks to collect and deliver cold but unpasturized milk. Don't kill milk cows. Go help milk them. Help move cars out of the way and cook food on gas grills at schools. Police stations will also serve as pharmacies. We have enough gas and diesel in the ground and stalled cars.

3 Billion Bushels Of Corn In Silos. Enough to feed everyone for a year. A cargo container will hold enough corn to feed 1,000 a 2500 cal/day diet for a month. So it will take one delivery/month to 400,000 schools/churches to feed 400 million people/month. We will need 20,000 trucks, making 20 deliveries/month to feed everyone.

American Strategic Corn Reserves. We need to put 1,000 bags/bushels of corn, enough to feed 1,000 for a month, at each one of 100,000 schools and 300,000 churches before disaster strikes and the food is needed.

Hot Water Tank Drinking Water Rations. Not bath water. Look at the water heater in your house. The spout allows you to drain 40 gallons of water or 160 quart/day rations for 1 person, 80 days for 2, 40 days for 4. You don't have to leave home to look for water. Hotels, apartment, and office buildings have hot water tanks. Get building operating engineers to install systems to cut off and ration that water when power goes off.

Cold Water Tower/Tank Rations. Look at big water towers. They may hold 100 gallons/person, 400 quart/day rations/person. Enough for a year. Water can be pumped into above ground plastic swimming pools for people to fill plastic jugs. Hotels, apartment, and office buildings have cold water tanks too. On top or inside. Get building and municipal managers to install systems to cut off and ration that water when power goes off.

Pet/Toilet Water. We throw away enough water, milk, and pop containers every year to hold enough drinking water to last a year. Rinse, fill with clean water, store in a cool, dark place. Use to wash yourself, hydrate pets.

Talk up the plan. Get comedians joking about it. Get everyone to understand it. Ask family, friends, neighbors, and everyone you meet everytime you meet them if they have enough cans of food and water stored for an emergency for themselves and neighbors. Ask if they know how to drain the hot water heater. Help them collect and store toilet water. Make sure your hotel, office, apartment building and municiapal water system are ready to shut off and ration drinking water. Have them find out how to get at the water in the undergound pipes.

I'm working on medicine. Questions, suggestions and comments to More here.