How To Keep America Great

Support independent presidential candidate Joe Martyniuk (mart-nick). Come back in March to print
a nominating petition. Sign, notarize, and snail mail it to get Joe on the ballot and elected president in
2016. Email to represent Joe as an elector in the electoral college. By using
the internet as a cheap way to collect nominating petition signatures and email voters, Joe can reverse
the Citizens United decision that gave control of the American electoral process to a few billionaires.

To insure a prosperous future we need to harden our electric grid from an EMP electromagnet pulse,
physical sabotage, computer hacking. Use farm subsidy money to stockpile 100 billion cans of food,
freeze 5 billion eggs to make vaccines. Donate/rotate food yearly. Click here for an emergency plan.
If electric grid is destroyed, N. Korea, China, Iran, Russia get nuked. Mutually assured destruction.

We should each stockpile our share of the 50 billion gallons of drinking water we need to survive for
a year, 1/2 gallon/day. We drink 50 billion gallons of bottled milk, water, soda every year and throw
the empty containers away. Clean empty containers with drop of dish soap, rinse, dry, fill with water,
store in dark places. Collect empty containers, fill, give to neighbors. Do it now so you don't have to
get water later. Dry instant oatmeal, macaroni, potatoes, beans, rice are cheap and store well too.

We can create 35 million new middle class jobs. 5 million $30,000/year border and soft target guards,
and cargo container inspectors paid for with a $25,000 import tax on the 20 million cargo containers
imported every year to secure our 20,000 mile border. That is $150 billion of the $500 billion raised.
$1 more for a pair of jeans or $50 for wide screen TV. Then make illegal aliens citizens if here 4 years
and pay $3,000 fee. There isn't enough support to just close the border or create a path to citizenship.

Use another $150 billion of cargo tax money to fund single payer health care and the 5 million home
health care workers our seniors will need. Use another $150 billion of the cargo tax money to pay 5
million unemployed workers to tutor 80 million adults/children who can't read/count. 10 million new
infra-structure repair jobs can be created using standard bonds issued to pay for new bridges, roads,
sewer and water lines. And another 10 million jobs will be created by the multiplier effect. And the
last $50 billion cargo money could fund an additional 100 billion cans of emergency foods.

Drugstore the drugs. Change federal law so we can sell hardcore drugs by prescription. Sell marijuana
behind the counter in drug stores. The $100 billion spent to catch, prosecute, and jail drug users and
don't get in tax revenue from these illegal drugs could pay for rehab and senior drug programs. Strictly
enforce don't sell to children laws. We can't have secure borders with drug money bribing guards.

Export our oil, nuclear power and food to buy friends and allies around the world. Set up submarine
type nuclear reactors and store spent fuel above ground in nuclear sheds. Install right/center turn lanes
and smart traffic lights to make driving 40% cheaper, bearable. Save social security by ending pay-in
cap. Reduce medicare, medicaid fraud by paying 1% cash reward to recipients reporting fraud.

Joe's an inventor/entrepreneur. He's short and dumpy. He stutters and stammers.
The bad things you hear about may be true. But there are 300 million of us to get
the job done. He's pro-conceal carry, unions, separation of church/state, balance
budget with 90% income tax. We should break up banks too big to fail, get them
out of the investment business. God bless and defend our troops. Tell friends.

Paid for and approved of by independent presidential candidate Joseph
Martyniuk Jr. Box 204, Wood Dale, IL 60191,