That's 100 million covid tests per week. Bust is what will happen to the economy if we take too long to be able to test everyone regularly. Print out copies and tape them to your car, business, and home windows.

The 150+ million of us who are seniors or have a prior medical condition are not going to rush out and risk our lives. So all you non-mask wearing citizens better get with the program and demand President Trump get testing ramped up during the next five months before election day. And if he doesn't get the job done, you can blame him for the problems we will face, and vote for somebody else. And if Joe Biden doesn't come up with a better plan, don't vote for him either.

Click here to see nobel prize winner Paul Romer's economic analysis of mass testing.

In the meantime I will attempt to gather the names of people and companies to develop a plan to implement massive testing after I get sworn in as president in January. After running as an independent, write-in candidate.

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